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Precision faceting and custom design.

Hello. My name is Le Ngoc. I am a gem cutter from Vietnam.

My gem cutting journey started in 2019. when I was 30 years old.

Before that, I never thought that I would follow this profession of cutting gems.

Because my major is Banking and Finance.

My love of brightly colored stones led me to this journey. Before I became a gem cutter, I was a gem collector. Until one day, I was very interested and wanted to cut my own stones.

I signed up for a gemstone cutting and design course, and bought a cutting machine to practice.

I didn’t expect that that decided for fun would change my career.


  I love this job. I love the beautiful stones I create. And I am very happy when the people who own the stones feel satisfied when receiving them.
   As you know before I am also a gem collector. So I understand your concerns when buying a stone from far away over the internet.
  Is it as beautiful as the picture? Is it the same color as the picture? Is it cut properly? What will the actual size be like in the hand? Is the seller reputable? How long does shipping take?…
  So to help you have enough visual information to make a decision. Each stone, I will spend more time taking many photos in different environments: outdoor, indoor, macro, … You will see the true color of the stone and the precision faceting
   More than 70% of my revenue comes from repeat customers. So I really want you to be the next customer to feel satisfied after buying from me.
And if there is any problem please contact me. I am always ready to solve it for you.
   Don’t hesitate to inbox me, even if you don’t make a purchase. I’m also happy that you’re interested.
   Thank you for visiting my shop.

– Le Ngoc

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